joys of spring

The Joys of Spring

Spring is finally here! It seems to have taken a super long time coming this year. We got a bit more snow than usual and prolonged sub-zero temperatures in late February, then another spell of snow in mid-March. So when the air finally warmed up a little and spring bulbs began bursting into vibrant colour they were most welcome.

I do the walk to our local primary school three times a day (school for my daughter and nursery school for my son, which is only a half day). I certainly enjoy it far more when there are pretty flowers in gardens along the route to admire. My children often point them out too, wanting to know the names of them. My seventeen-month-old tries hard to repeat back everything she hears at the moment and her attempts are often adorably inaccurate!

For some reason, the start of spring signals a fresh start, a blank slate, a time of optimism- far more than the official new year in January does for me. Perhaps you find the same? Even though I try, I often struggle to get motivated in the cold and dark winter time and find that motivation (or perhaps inspiration?) flows more naturally and effortlessly in the lighter, warmer months.

I remember planting out the mixed daffodil bulbs last autumn and having to keep chasing away a pesky squirrel that seemed intent on digging up as many as possible soon after I planted them. He (for some reason I assume it was a ‘he’!) was such a cheeky rascal and each time that I stomped outside to clap my hands to chase him away, he returned only seconds later for another attempt to thieve them! So I’m pleased that plenty remained untouched in the ground. I like to pick a few stems of daffodils to display in a vase on my kitchen table as they brighten it up no end. Daffodils are symbolic of spring in my mind.

vase of daffodils spring decoration


Every spring, we find a local wood to visit as most of them can be sure to have a carpet of bluebells covering the ground at this time of year. The vibrant colour lifts my spirits and makes a beautiful backdrop to take photos of the kids having fun running between the trees without a care in the world.

Visit a bluebell wood in spring

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the cold weather, I still count myself lucky to live somewhere with clearly defined seasons. Variety is the spice of life, so they say. Perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate the warmer months as much if there wasn’t a contrasting season to compare them to.

I know that some of my readers live in different countries and continents…what is the weather like for you right now? Has spring arrived where you are, or perhaps you are in the southern hemisphere and summer is drawing to a close? Or perhaps there aren’t very clearly defined seasons where you live? If so, perhaps the prospect of cooler weather is rather welcome?

I’d love to hear about it, reader comments always put a smile on my face 🙂

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Autumn days- inspiring beauty of the ‘fall’

I must admit to being rather a latecomer to the autumn fan club. From a young age, right up until a few years ago, my favourite season by far was summer. Spring was enjoyable, mostly because it signalled the fact that summer was on its way. But autumn (known as ‘Fall’ in many English-speaking countries I believe) was less welcome because it signalled the very opposite: that summer was over.

It is only in recent years that autumn has started to win me over. Funnily enough, this has coincided with a slight depreciation for the joys of summer. Ever since we started a family almost six years ago, I have developed a bit of a paranoia that my children might suffer from ill effects of being in the sun too much. Yes, I appreciate that in temperate England this is far less of an issue than in about 90% of other countries worldwide, yet as my offspring feature alabaster white skin I can’t help but fret a little about keeping them out of the sun as much as possible.

Hence, when nature issues subtle signals that the seasons are shifting, I feel a little relieved. It usually begins in early September when I notice the early morning dew on the grass and the pearlescent quality of light in the mornings is heavenly. Week by week it’s magical to observe the leaves on different types of trees gradually turn myriad shades of red, orange, yellow and brown and accumulate on the ground to become a crunchy carpet. The children find it enormous fun to stamp on the piles of leaves and be rewarded with a satisfying sound. Conkers with their shiny shells are gathered once free of their prickly cages. All of this against a backdrop of (hopefully!) clear blue skies with a chill creeping into the air as the weeks go by. What’s not to love?!

Now that we are well into October, Halloween and Bonfire night will soon be here. Look out for one of my next posts describing how we decorate our home (on a small-scale) for Halloween.

Is Autumn your favourite season? Perhaps you have additional reasons for enjoying it? I would love to hear them. 🙂

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