home office makeover

Home Office Makeover

Our home office area has been ripe for a makeover for some time now. I spend a lot more time here than used to as I’m in the process of writing a book, so I really desired a work space that felt clear and welcoming to spend time in.

A compact space

Alas, I don’t have the luxury of a separate room that could be called a study or home office. Most of our rooms are allocated as bedrooms as we have three children. When we had a small extension added on a few years ago we planned for a built-in cupboard to house a desk, filing cabinets and shelving to be a designated home office area. There are folding doors that can easily be closed to these cupboards when no one needs to be working there, to keep the room looking neater. On the whole I am pleased with how much we have managed to fit into such a small space. Planning good storage and organisational systems is the key to a tidy home.

Over time though, the desk area had become increasingly cluttered and messy. It didn’t feel a positive space to work in and was embarrassing when friends and family came round who might see the mess if I couldn’t close the doors to it fast enough!

Concealing the ugly pinboard

Firstly, I decided to get a small piece of fabric to cover the pinboard on the wall. A lot of the items pinned to the board are important bits and pieces that I want to keep easily accessible but they don’t have to be on view the whole time. I found this piece of pale blue ‘Paris’ printed fabric on Ebay for about £7 including postage. It’s pretty cute with Eiffel towers, Sacre Coeur and Arc de triomphes dotted over it. I thought it teamed up well with the mosaic photo frame next to it which holds a selection of photos from my last trip to Paris with my husband. I can scarcely believe that was a whole seven years ago, but it must be because I found out I was pregnant with my eldest daughter the day before we went (so sadly missed out on the wine and unpasteurised cheeses…).

Ditching the garish pencil pots

Next I decided to do something about the ugly old green striped pencil pots we had. Don’t you think they look awful in the pic?! I’m not too sure what possessed us to buy them in the first place. They had become faded from sunlight and were over ten years old. I ran a couple of empty baked bean cans through the dishwasher and covered them with small strips of giftwrap that I already had. They have a little street scene printed across them which bears a resemblance to the one on my blog homepage image, don’t you think?

home office makeover

Then I just had a good declutter (something I aim to do regularly throughout the house) and filed papers away etc. The difference to sit down and work here is incredible. It feels a more relaxing and positive place to be.


The one thing I’m still not content with is the lighting. You will see the string of heart-shaped LED lights hanging above the desk, but to be honest they emit minimal light. Yet I dislike having the ceiling lights on because they are ridiculously bright and almost induce headaches. I really need to get a small desk lamp or perhaps a spotlight integrated under the top shelf.

How about you?

What is your home office like? Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a whole room to dedicate to it. Or maybe you have had to carve out a small corner of another room, like me? I would love to hear what yours is like, even with a pic if you’re able to add one. I’d also be interested to hear which type of lighting you have in your home office area to help me decide on my soft lighting solution!

3 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover

  1. Sarah – Your office is great ! I love the fabric you used to cover the board….love anything Paris! In our last home we had a desk area with the computer and some storage in the breakfast nook of our kitchen. Then in a spare bedroom upstairs we had some bookshelves, a reading chair, and a beautiful, campaign style, oak desk – that we purchased in 1978 when my husband got a job that needed a home office area. We used it in recent years for file storage and as a nice piece in the room we called “the study”. Now downsized into a two bedroom apartment ( that is really spacious, 1790 square feet!) we have made the spare bedroom to function as the guest room AND our office – and it is working out great. That old desk has been polished up and and the drawers that came off of the runners repaired. It holds my computer, pens, the phone, and it is a good place to keep the mail off of the kitchen counter. The room has a board I bought at Home Goods…it has a burlap back and a mirrored frame – and I don’t have a cover on it. We have a double bed, a nice reading chair, some bookcases…and it has an adjoined bath. It is perfect for us! Right off of the main living area so I can still be part of the conversation with my husband if need be…but closing the door makes it a quiet place to work. Today a big storm is heading across Pennsylvania…the rain is hitting the window – no more computers…time for a cuppa and a good book ! Have a great week !

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  2. I don’t have a home office these days. I had one pre kid, but that went by the wayside since then. Our printer lives in the family room, and then I just work off my laptop wherever if I’m working from home. Thankfully that isn’t often, because I don’t have a good set up at all.

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