New Year Aims

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2018 so far!

I don’t really like using the term ‘resolutions’ as they never seem to last more than a couple of weeks into January. However, it seems natural to perceive a new year as a brand new start and to contemplate what you hope to achieve.

I’ve been thinking over the past couple of days about my personal aims which are detailed below.

Losing weight:

I gained a lot during my last pregnancy and haven’t managed to lose much at all during the year and a bit since I had my baby girl. Not helped by the fact that she has been a terrible sleeper and I’ve turned to carbs and sugar big time to get through the fog of sleep deprivation! However, the past month or two (touch wood) her sleep has turned a corner so I’ve been feeling far more human, so no more excuses.

I’m not sure exactly how much I’d like to lose, once I get started on the journey (always the hardest bit for me-after a few weeks into it it gets easier) I’ll set some targets I think.


I’ve never been a fan of the gym and prefer to exercise alone really, so I’ll be dusting off my old workout DVDs and aiming to work out twice a week to start with, then increase this in time.

I am already fairly active on a daily basis, carrying out the school and nursery run three times daily totals an hour’s walking and I usually reach 14k steps on my Fitbit on weekdays.


We have a big holiday coming up in August (a cruise) which we booked ages ago (November 2016!). Booking so far ahead was a necessity due to high demand for the ages of children we have, but it’s proven useful to help us spread the cost over so many months.

The shore excursion details were released recently and there are lots of exciting-looking ones, but they aren’t cheap. So we will save up extra so we can book whichever ones we like, given that we have barely holidayed abroad since having the kids.

Our grocery shopping spends have really crept up in recent months, and I intend to get more organised about meal planning and eating out of the freezers and cupboards. Theres is a surprising amount of food already in both!

Do you have any aims or goals for 2018? I’d love to hear them!



9 thoughts on “New Year Aims

  1. OK – so here’s my goals for 2018. I want to get fitter. I’m very strong but carry extra pounds. I easily do over 20,000 steps per day on my FitBit so obviously my problem lies with food – and I love food! I plan on doing yoga every day (just love it) and am planning on running the NYC Marathon come November 2018. I am a young 60 year old and this has always been one of my goals. So, I know I have my work cut out but I plan on approaching it with positive energy and grace. I no longer want to beat myself up. Life is far too short!

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  2. Sounds great! I’m always apprehensive about setting goals at the first of the year, it’s so hard if you fall off a day or two. Small, incremental changes though? Yes all the way! Good luck! 🙂

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  3. 14k steps per day is amazing. I don’t often even get 10k. I’m with you on eating better (starting with better sleep), moving more, saving money and digging into our pantry to figure out how my grocery budget has crept up. Good luck!

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  4. Goals…lots ! Lose a few pounds, exercise and get healthy, read more….and settle into our new apartment and enjoy retirement. Besides goals I am incredibly grateful for my great blessings – my husband, health, warmth, and coming up on 41 years of marriage. WIshing you a wonderful New Year and great success with your goals !


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