A review of the French film ‘Untouchable’

Not everyone can face watching films and TV programmes produced in a foreign language with English subtitles. My husband is one of those people, whereas I have to say that I really enjoy them. Somehow, hearing the foreign language, as well as different architecture and visual cultural details feels a little exotic and almost transports me there. How about you?

We don’t have Netflix or any other film subscription service in our home, but our county’s library service has a pretty decent stock in the World Cinema section.

It was in the local library that I stumbled across this French film ’Untouchable’, (which also seems to be known as ‘Intouchables’) recently.

Untouchable French movie image

It was actually made a few years ago, in 2011. Based on a true story, it follows a budding friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic called Philippe and his carer, an ex-con. The ex-con, Driss, doesn’t really want the job and even steals a Faberge egg during the job interview, but in time the two men find that they have things in common and are able to help each other in life.

Another character is played by Audrey Fleurot, who I recognised from the gritty French crime series ‘Spiral’ (or Engrenages was the original French title). Whenever I’ve seen her, Audrey always presents as the epitome of the chic, stylish French woman and I liked observing her different outfits.

In places the film is heartbreakingly sad, in other places hilariously funny. All in all, a very uplifting watch and I would recommend it to anyone who can tolerate watching subtitled films.

As it happens, a quick google has just revealed that a US remake of the film is currently underway, by Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston. To be honest, I don’t think I will be seeking that one out to watch in the future as I’ve generally been disappointed by English language remakes of continental European films. For example with ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ I preferred the original Swedish version, even though the US remake wasn’t particularly bad, while the US remake of the Danish ‘The Killing’ series wasn’t a patch on the Danish version. Often, the original version just can’t be beaten!

Do you have any favourite foreign language films you can recommend? I’m always pleased to discover new favourites.

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