Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog! Great to see you here and please do pop back regularly (there is a ‘follow’ option on the sidebar to the right of this page 🙂

As a thirty-seven year old, happily married mother of three lovely young children, I have set up this shiny new blog and will update it on a regular basis. It will have a general focus on living well, aiming to enhance the every day by seeking out inspiration and beauty everywhere from nature to shop-bought products…and pretty much anything in between. To tell the truth, I hope to utilise it as an outlet to exercise my brain a little and gather my thoughts about something beyond the needs and wants of my children for a little while.

Now that I have become a stay at home mum, many of my posts will be about simple or frugal pleasures and ideas on how to enjoy a chic, rich life on a modest budget. Living in England, I have been fortunate to have visited many places in nearby continental Europe. You will find that my experiences of European cultures flavour the blog as I find there is a huge amount of inspiration to be taken in the diverse countries in everything from accessories to architecture.

I hope you come back soon, it would be wonderful if you chose to leave a comment. I promise to read them all 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. Hi and welcome to the world of blogging! I’m a blogger, living in Spain. I started blogging when I had a book called “Retiring the Olé Way” published. As no doubt you have guessed (!!!) I’ve retired, so blogging helps to keep me out of mischief. What I love about blogging is how people who start following your blog will leave comments, so they soon become friends. Although I’m a lot older – I’m not going to do the sums! – I can identify with you as I too had three children under the age of 5, so I’ve gone through similar experiences.


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